Because it doesn’t remind me of anything…


Stressed? Anxious?

Don’t know what to do?

1: Put your headphones in

2: Put on La Traviata

3: Start vacuuming

4: yes, your whole house is clean and it’s only Act II

5: keep going, dust

6: by now you’re ready to cook some healthy food

7: Enjoy Act III

8: This is especially helpful if you do not speak Italian

9: Feel Free to pretend you do

10: Don’t burn dinner while pretending you’re Pavarotti

11: Breathe, you got this!

12: Wash, rinse, repeat as necessary when stress or indecision arise.

This was especially helpful for me last night. The process of letting go is never easy, yet when something or someone causes you repeated pain with no change then it’s time to reevaluate what’s healthiest for you. Letting go is often the best thing you can do for your own sanity and personal growth. Letting go doesn’t mean things won’t sort out or come back or possibly work out later. In fact, not letting go is attachment and attachment actually hinders the laws of intention & desire.

Let go. Move forward. Trust that your growth is essential to the equation as well. It’s as if you’re prepping for the right things to show up.

Let go. Trust. Listen to yourself … and some Opera. 😉

Love people where they’re at and also know you don’t need to stay if where they’re at is not with you. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
lean, create.

Not as a distraction because the best way through pain is to fully be with the pain. Yet, when your moods start to shift and you're ready for change… start with changing what you can around you. Even if it's rearranging the furniture and listening to Opera.

No, I'm not even a huge opera fan. However, it doesn't remind me of anything!

In the midst of change and letting go… that's often exactly what you need. A complete pattern-interrupt with zero familiarity to attachments.

Find your inner magic.

It's not within anyone else.

Be you. You got this!

©️copyright 2017 ArtemisOnFire

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