How it should feel when what you want is really what you need…

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It’s perfectly healthy to hold hope for a thing as long as you can maintain equanimity.

Hope with peace in your being, and calm in your heart, is balance. When it feels right, it most likely is.

Hope with fear & anxiety is a form of addiction or a deeper wound desiring healing from an outside source.

Fear blocks us from receiving what is for us, it holds us back from our true potential.

Sometimes fear keeps us safe, other times it’s irrational. Get to know yourself through mindfulness/meditation and you’ll begin to recognize the difference.

Healing is an inside job.

Overcoming fears and trusting yourself is essential.

We all have wants, needs and desires. They’re a beautiful part of being human.


Let’s never sacrifice our internal peace and equanimity due to something we don’t have. Struggle and suffering are often a choice. Choose peace.

Choose the way life flows naturally. It should feel like floating down a river, not like swimming exhaustedly against the current.

We can apply this principle to anything we want… from relationships, jobs, dreams, goals, even to the food we choose to put into our bodies.

Pause, check in with your heart and ask… “Is this right for me? Will this be healthy for my body, mind & Spirit?”

Then feel how your body feels. It knows! Trust that feeling. It’s ancient and primal and designed to guide you.

Call it your intuition, insight, gut or whatever… feel it.


Trust yourself.

Your internal peace of mind, body and Spirit are more precious than anything outside of yourself.

  • What is it you really want?
  • Write the benefits it holds for you.
  • Be honest about what it’s costing you. Is it worth it?
  • Let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Trust that if it’s for you it will happen.
  • Meanwhile take steps to improve you.
  • Become the best version of yourself.
  • Then you’ll be ready when it arrives.

  • Think of a time you received exactly what you wanted. Trust if it happened then, it will happen again & again.

  • Think of a time you received what you thought you wanted and it backfired on you and wasn’t for you at all.

  • Trust in Sankalpa– when your intentions align with your destiny (universal intentions) nothing can keep it from happening… unless you keep blocking it with doubts & fears. Let go. Trust the process.

  • Get out of your head and into your heart.

  • Trust Universal timing. Don’t rush, just lean toward that dream.

Breathe, you got this.

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