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This journey together…

The path feels well worn, and often rocky & steep, Your journey, So much like mine. The spiral of life, Your experience unique, and nothing new… I see it too. It’s all been done before, it’s all been fought, it’s all been worried about, it’s all been overcome, it’s all been loved, it’s all been

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Day 3 of what makes me attached, jealous of other bloggers, concerned for the planet and— How clearing out attic space has everything to do with non-attachment and letting go!

Wow! What a day 3! It happens to also be 3 days after Christmas and I am working on a project I have wanted to do for years and told my life-coach I was going to do this year… back in March! How’s that for procrastination and getting it done last minute? I’d probably be

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Another Broken Holiday

In my sadness I cleaned the junk drawer. Already on the brink of madness and despair, I’m nearly pushed over the edge when I received a call from a delivery service saying the flowers were left on my front step. The spark of wonder lasted a fraction of a millisecond, then settled into dread. I

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