Start Asking These 8 Questions… and Dream Big! 


Life is already pretty amazing, I have to say. It’s been a long, hard road to get to where I am. To see it for what it is and be able to say it’s amazing. Yet, I still have really big dreams inside my heart & mind.  Dreams slumbering away while the specter of Self-doubt sits near by with a finger on her lips saying… “shhhh,be quiet. Don’t wake your dreams.” 

I’m tired of my own BS about that and I’m ready for the ‘more’ in life. Ready for ‘the more’ in your life? 

 Start by asking yourself …

  1. – Who am I ? 
  2. – What do I really want?
  3. – What’s my purpose?
  4. – Do I feel truly alive and enthusiastic about life and my roles in it?
  5. – Am I thriving or surviving?
  6. – How am I holding myself back from my dreams? 
  7. – What does my dream life look & feel like? 
  8. – How will it feel to start living it? 

If you feel a deep driving desire for change, stop waiting or thinking, “Well one day I want to…” Let’s break free and take a step toward ‘one day’ right now! 

Give your dreams more respect than simple wishes on the wind.

Recently I hired an amazing life coach. My experience after several transformational sessions with her, feels like she’s divinely unravelling this conditioned fog I’ve been in. Enabling me to see my true purpose, potential, self worth and value. I’m a pretty strong go-getter already too, if you know me you’d already be thinking, “what her? Doubts? No, she’s a dream-achieving badass.” yet, like any of us are capable of, I can still play small. 

In many ways I am living the dream, however I’m starting to see parts of those dreams haven’t really been mine. My life coach, Kali Love, is helping me move past my own BS (belief systems) and step into what I really want. Rockin her dharma!

The phrase “walking in a dream world” denotes someone walking in a stupor or possibly not facing reality. What is reality though? Is it what others have been telling us it should be? Is it living life according to societal norms or our parents wishes? Our teachers expectations? 

Your conditioned expectation of “be good, go to school, get a job, get married, have kids… bingo, you have a life” is like this trap that takes expert hands to release yourself from the limited belief that that’s all. These goals certainly can be wonderful, yet there’s so much more to being fully alive within those worthy goals. 

These dreams within us are magick, they’re not some fog we walk in, or a cookie cutter lifestyle. They’re our passions, our purpose, our reason for being here. These dreams yearning to be fulfilled are what we came here to offer ourselves and the world. 
Let’s keep waking up, showing up for ourselves, and dream the big dream! 
Get creative, keep asking yourself these questions. I encourage you to get a life coach, when the time is right, to finally catapult you toward your destiny becoming reality. 
Get the dream!

Find your magick! 

I’d love to hear your comments. Share with me something you’ve always dreamed of doing or being, something you’re working towards, or how have you been inspired & helped to make your dreams reality?  

8 comments on “Start Asking These 8 Questions… and Dream Big! ”

    1. You’re very welcome Jay! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are capable of truly great things and we can do it all. Invite yourself to add “dreaming big” on your schedule somewhere in the week. Write them out like you can! With vivid imagination, clarity , no holding back and feeling as if it is. From everyday dreams to the big ones. Map it out and live fully! 🙏🏻 can’t wait to see how you rock it!


  1. I ask myself these questions all the time. Trying to figure this out can be challenging. A Life coach would be awesome. Thanks for a great read.

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  2. I’ve been a victim of society’s expectations all my life. I’ve always felt proud that I was living up to this expectation…but what happens when you arrive? It’s not always as fulfilling as you’d hoped. Once I craved stability. Now, asking myself these questions reinforces that I’m missing some excitement in my life!

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    1. What a fabulous awareness to have about yourself!! So insightful. Thank you for sharing.
      Yes, we can have it all. Take steps to find out what “it” is and know you don’t have to blow ups life to still achieve your own passions. You’re a maker of magic! I look forward to seeing what you accomplish.


  3. Self discovery, always learning, always changing. Hearts and minds are such a tricky thing. Closing out the noise can be challenging. Finding peace in our selves… That’s the beauty of it all.

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