Conquering to Couch-Potato and Back To Badass. How to navigate the downtime-slumps. 

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 Hello my fellow pursuer of dreams and maker of magic! 

 I don’t know about you, however I often find myself in that in-between space. The space between, “I’m a creative, inspiring badass” and “I’m going to really Netflix & chill” No. Not even time for that… I mean, pass me the popcorn and leave me alone, I have a date with AppleTV and a village of English people that surely can’t be this heavily populated since 3 or 4 of them are murdered each week. 

Self-image goals for what I really look like as a couch potato. After all, perception is everything. THIS is radical self-care! Kees Van Dongen (Dutch Fauvist Painter, 1877- 1968) “La femme sur le sofa”

 This week I’ve created my first FB live for my salon, created, drafted & launched a  Women’s Workshop, held an Inspirational speaking event for my staff (aka badass meeting time!), attended a community function to represent my business and recruited a new employee. While still being a single mom, writer, meal-prepper and masterer of Day 6 on a 30-day workout challenge. Phew! Makes my brain go numb a little.  Oh, yea… throw in my life-coach session that took me from weeping, frustrated, confusion to holy crap! I have a lot to offer! All of that was Tuesday afternoon to Friday evening. The pendulum ever swings. 

 When I find myself in the slumps. Like last week when I posted this to my MasterMind group… 

“Ive been wrestling with Woe’s Me. She’s such a bitch! A strong one too 😏😉 this morning I was convinced by her, and her nasty best-friend, Self Doubt, that I have nothing of value to offer readers and why on earth am I blogging. So I introduced them to my cousin, Oh Hell No, and started writing.”

  I have several weapons in my arsenal to combat the low points. 

  Firstly… there is A LOT to be celebrated about honoring your emotions and allowing them to be what they are. Stop beating yourself up because you need rest and downtime. IT’S ESSENTIAL! Like this article on boredom suggests

 I see my ‘sinking into the depths’ an opportunity to float. Lazing all the way down, down, down… popcorn in one hand, remote in the other, or maybe tissues. Let it flow. Letting myself go. Until I feel that nudge, that desire, that creative spark ignite. My feet hit bottom, along with my mind, and yet it’s here I grab hold of that sandy, cold darkness, let it sink between my toes and I catapult myself back to the surface. Gulping in a new wave of possibility. Keeping hold of the treasure I found beneath the surface of my conditioned-self. They’re always there, trust me. The greatest gifts can be found in your dark, downtime. Allow yourself to discover every aspect of your uniqueness. 

  Other creative ways to pull yourself out of a slump are often obvious, however here are some tried & true great ones… 

  1. Find that song that gets you fired up no matter what! Crank it loud & dance!
  2. Move! Walk, run, yoga, skip. Move that gorgeous body!
  3. Journal how you’re feeling. 
  4. Look back at photos on social media that you posted because you were so excited, inspired, confident, etc. I don’t care how many years ago! You’ve got some great memories! Let them bring you back to that feeling of amazing. 
  5. Meditate. All the answers are found in stillness. Get quiet, listen. 
  6. Call a friend! It’s crucial to remind ourselves we’re not alone. 
  7. When you’re actually alone… read inspiring blogs. Loads of us out there see you, are you, have been you and we are cheering you on. Read it in our words. 
  8. Plan something to challenge you. Like that one time I did the Dirty Girl Mud Run. WAY outside of my zone yet I just did it. 
  9. Write a list. Bucket list, to do list, grocery list, reasons-I’m-a-badass-list. Doesn’t matter what, lists get us motivated to cross things off. Make it! 
  10. Ok seriously, when’s the last time you skipped? Skip to it warrior! 

Let’s never forget when we’ve felt like this! Whatever your goal, take your time and then go for it.
Gather with friends who cheer on your dreams!

 Whether you feel like wearing your super-hero cape or diving under the covers, remember it’s a state of being for now. None of these states define who we are and they don’t last forever. How we perceive ourselves defines us. So no matter what state you’re in now, don’t forget to love yourself. It’s all good. 

  Thank you for reading and I’d love for you to share your successes, your in-between times, what’s your ‘magic within’ and the tools you use to navigate this crazy, amazing life. Cheering you on! 

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