Hey you! Exhausted, people-pleaser. Stop! before you drop… and receive. 

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 Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a recovering people-pleaser. You might recognize yourself in me… the person that’s always giving until you’ve completely depleted yourself and you’re left feeling resentful, cranky and the result is you hardly want to be around yourself, let alone give…anyone…one…more…single…thing… even an opinion. Sorry, no opinions here! I gave my last care away several insignificant people ago! Ugh, don’t want to be her anymore. Do you?
I’ve got some questions for you… 
Are you truly willing to be loved? 

Are you able to open up, get vulnerable and allow yourself the love you deserve? How are you helping yourself, or anyone else for that matter, if you’re so spent you’re exhausted? 

Truly ask yourself and journal your answers if it feels good. Journaling unlocks a lot of understanding about ourselves and opens doors to discover your inner magick. 
Ok, more questions… 

Are you receiving love? Genuinely receiving it, not simply giving it? 
‘In’ love might imply you’ve opened some door to yourself and truly allowed someone to enter, and vice versa. Love feels good, self-love feels good. It doesn’t feel like being a doormat and giving yourself away. Stop! 
 I’ve started a process where, occasionally, I pause when giving/receiving a hug from my kids or a close friend and I say to myself “I’m receiving this love they are giving” and I practice a sense of gratitude. I’m thankful for them in that moment and letting a simple, quick hug be an act of love instead of routine. 

My kids! — People in your life have love to give, receive it!

Today, when you get a chance to hug someone you truly love, pause, receive it. Don’t get all creepy or clingy. We don’t want to be ‘that guy’ either, lol. You can do this without a shift in action, it’s a shift in perception. Notice the subtle change in your physiology when you allow this love in. It’s a gift! 
Practice the same even if you’re on your own. What if you slowed down enough to receive the beauty of nature? Notice the plants, the trees, the sky. Really receive the beauty they are offering your life instead of taking it for granted. 

Soak up natures offerings before you pass out! The Artemis-on-Fire version of stop and smell the roses… or violets. 😉

The art of receiving. Make this a part of your personal spiritual practice. You’ll definitely receive the benefits! 
Comment below and share with me how you are going to focus more on receiving. After all your ‘well’ needs to be full for you to keep giving. No one is benefitting from your emotional exhaustion. 
Take care of you and let the magick unfold! 

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