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Learning about Yourself Through Love and Letting Go

Learn * Share * Teach * Master :  How the Chopra Center’s Mission Statement has become my Own Personal Road To Enlightenment — (long blog, worth the read to start healing)   The way in which we relate to ourselves and how that impacts everything in our lives is why I write about relationships. This journey

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Is it true love… or another heartbreak grasp at false-love?

Pardon my absence, I was falling in love. Here is my truth on how to finally let true-love into your life. I hope you know the feeling of true love. I thought I did, maybe more wished I did, but when it arrived into my life it made me speechless, overwhelmed, dismayed, shocked, stunned and

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Start Asking These 8 Questions… and Dream Big! 

Life is already pretty amazing, I have to say. It’s been a long, hard road to get to where I am. To see it for what it is and be able to say it’s amazing. Yet, I still have really big dreams inside my heart & mind.  Dreams slumbering away while the specter of Self-doubt

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