The Love Wish Arrived, now let go

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a wish spoken

Thousands of times

On dandelion wisp

On moonbeam

And daydream

it has no timetable 

No definition

No explanations

Falling in it 

Random and unprepared 

Wondering at its reality

Or prepared

Your whole life

Never knowing

The magic existed

Like this

Best not to question

Not to wonder


Let go 


This love

Like diving in 

the ocean

Of everlasting surrender 

Feels like nothing else

No comparison 


If you’re right, safe or sure

Now traveling by compass

To foreign lands

No human I know

Has navigated


This love

This is the dream

Nothing real 

About it

All the more reason 

To throw logic

Out the door. 

Going the way

Of love alone. 

My love wish arrived… photo from Hidden Realms Oracle Cards

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