Tag: poetry

Wave After Wave

I AM! and I am not, I am the space between your thoughts, I am the deluge and the drought, I am the Siren and the Silence, crashing wave after wave upon my own shore. We are the calm tide, the lazy river, the hurricane, the soft pattering rain. We are the wave of consciousness

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Your Dark Night

in your dark night of the soul, in your torment and pain, I long to sit beside you and let nothing change. to be with you, as you are, as you need to be, no desire to take you out of that world, be who you are, it’s what needs to be, you being you

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This journey together…

The path feels well worn, and often rocky & steep, Your journey, So much like mine. The spiral of life, Your experience unique, and nothing new… I see it too. It’s all been done before, it’s all been fought, it’s all been worried about, it’s all been overcome, it’s all been loved, it’s all been

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