Time To Focus

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I wrote this after days of background beating myself up…

You know those times. Where you’re good and you’re meeting responsibilities, however you’ve let your passions slip. You postpone your personal goals for all the “stuff” you have to do.

I wrote this little quote-pic for IG and then it hit me…

My blog needs my attention.

I need my attention.

Love needs my attention.

My passions, pursuits and projects deserve my attention.

I deserve.

I hope this simple short post reminds us both to set our sails in the direction that ignites our fire!

Focusing on what you don’t have or didn’t do only serves if it ignites the fire of transformation within. Dig deep… what do you really want? Put your attention there and watch the #magick happen! 🔥

Truth is I’ve traveled, adventured, played, seen concerts, hiked a lot!, ate at amazing restaurants and have been living… magick!!! That’s an amazing thing for me to get out there and experience. Now it’s time to go back to sharing it with you!

©️ArtemisOnFire 2018

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