Day 7!! with 9 minutes to go, no need to be right and every reason to love more.

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Here we are. The last day in a week commitment to blog about Aparigraha, or non-attachment. An aspect of non-coveting can be a form of the opposite. Generosity.

I find, when we let go of the need to be attached to people, things, habits, ideas and more, that we become more giving.

A world where people could let go of rigid beliefs and ways of being would automatically open us up to a world where we were all a little kinder. A little more compassionate, giving and understanding.

Tonight I’m going to highlight this exercise, make it a quick read, and leave us all with something to contemplate about our own way of being.

Where am I attached in the areas of …

  • core relationships
  • With friendships
  • Work colleagues
  • People I hold a grievance with
  • And within myself

This is not a new concept or thought I’m about to mention. However I’m in much need of this reminder. Over a decade ago, or more, I listened to Dr. Wayne Dyer talk about giving up the need to be right.

The need to be right might be the ultimate binding attachment. When we simply can’t let go of that overwhelming need to prove ourselves, the fear of feeling less-than, the shame of “not knowing” something and the overall compulsion to have control over our circumstance… we have become terribly attached and that leads to suffering. If we can let go the need to be right, we have opened a huge door to freedom and inner-peace.

Think about it. Countries war over who’s right. Religions rage over who’s right. Couples fight over who’s right. Every internet troll on social media starts conflict in order to be right.

I’m posting tonight to say…

who cares!? Let’s let that go.

Giving up the need to be right is not giving in. It’s not giving up your power.

In fact, it’s the first step in re-claiming your own power. To look at who you are, how you think, what you believe and your truths and being 100% ok with all of you.

It’s giving up and letting go of the need to convince, persuade, defend, argue, etc.

It’s taking a long, slow, deep breath of empowerment in and exhaling all that fear you’ve held onto for too long.

Aparigraha. It’s attachment.

Attachment is an illusion of control. The only thing in the world you can control are your own choices.

It’s 2018. Let’s choose love.

I’ve really peeled back some layers this week. I’ve reset my trajectory. I’ve let a lot go.

We will find ourselves getting attached again and again. Yet in the same way we wouldn’t hold our own breath and cling to that oxygen that serves us momentarily… we can exhale and trust the next breath is coming. The next job, Love, chance and choice will come. Trust that.

Tonight, breathe deep. You are absolutely right… for you, and that’s all that matters.

Can we let go of needing to be right?

Can we practice more kindness and generosity?

I’m in if you are… or not because I’m making the empowered choice. The choice for me. Without caring if anyone else thinks my choices are right.

With peace, love and much magick I say..

Happy New Year!! I look forward to sharing a mind-opening 2018 with you all.

©️2018 ArtemisOnFire

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