This journey together…

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The path feels well worn,

and often rocky & steep,

Your journey,

So much like mine.

The spiral of life,

Your experience unique,

and nothing new…

I see it too.

It’s all been done before,

it’s all been fought,

it’s all been worried about,

it’s all been overcome,

it’s all been loved,

it’s all been cried about,

it’s all been screamed at,

it’s all been celebrated….

In this moment,

take comfort in the simple art of BEing…

Simple, not easy.

The way of love,

The way of the wanderer.


let go of what worry you can…

See hope where you witness strife,

Breathe my friend.

It’s all going to be ok.

If you need to rest,

I’ll sit by your side.

Let’s keep walking together,

Toward peace.

©️ArtemisOnFire 2018

On one of our hikes with Marley my love.

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