Day 5! Almost there! My weekly commitment has me taking a hard look at my body, my habits and how I can really accomplish some lifelong lifestyle changes.

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Committing to any exercise for a week can be transformational. Even if it’s an exercise in daily reflection.

I tend to look at changes as if they’re do or die and need to be lifelong. Maybe so, however I’m having success with keeping up for a week. Making my mission a daily practice and allowing it to unfold. I didn’t start this being told, “You’re going to let go! Look at where you’re attached and stop that!” That would accomplish nothing.

In my Reiki Training there is a saying, the Reiki principles, and they start with … “Just for today…” I realize that’s how thousands, if not millions of people get over alcohol or drug addictions. One day at a time they say.

I believe I operate better this way as well.

What will it look like if the list of lifestyle changes I’d like to instill were thought of ‘one day at a time’?

Certain things are easy. Take my decision to become a Vegetarian again. Easy for me. My body, mind and Spirit just know now, I don’t eat meat anymore. Period.

On the other hand, running 5 Days a week, journaling every day, my yoga practice and many other things I want to be part of my daily life, they get put off.

Procrastinating is a way of being for me. It’s frustrating and also who I am. Honestly, it’s more that I think in a creative, visionary type of mindset. Ideas come in, projects are on the brain and it can get overwhelming. Too many irons in the fire so to speak.

I’ve spent decades of my life driving myself, being on survival mode, being responsible for children, employees, a household and SO much more. No kidding, I am my hardest task-master.

Truth is, I am enjoying slowing down. Doing less and in turn being more. Does that make sense?

Today I’m going to let all of that I mentioned above reflect in my post about attachment.

You’ve been with me since day 1 and we know I’m to contemplate how I am jealous, attached or covet things in …

  • my core relationships
  • my friends
  • my colleagues
  • someone I hold a grievance with
  • and also what I envy within myself

Tonight I am allowing myself to see one huge attachment in all those things tied into one. I envy people who are super consistent with exercise and clean eating. No matter where they fall in the above categories. Let’s even say that right now I’m seeing my body as a core relationship. That’s a huge insight! It is. It should be to all of us.

Why do we let ourselves go? Let our health and well-being come last?

Why are we so attached to helping everyone else and ignoring our needs?

I’m saying “us” when I know I should be focused on me.

Ha! How’s that for my point made?

Can I shift this? Will I love myself enough, see my body as the most important core relationship I have and finally start consistently treating it like I want? Including taking it out more, having more fun and not being so hard on myself. Can I? Will you?

Our lives are not all about success and driving ourselves too hard. Yet, there are a lot of things I want to achieve. Starting with improving the way I treat my body.

I take care of my mind with a daily meditation practice. In that, I’m consistent.

Now it’s time to truly reflect and make some decisions about the way I live. It’s like I’m attached to… “There’s always tomorrow.” Yet we aren’t guaranteed that.

I’ll close by bringing it back to what I do love, envy or however that translates, into things about myself and my body. I do love myself. I love my body in all it’s sexy, curvy and flawed glory. It’s a body. We’ve all got one. Let’s be happy with it.

I am truly happy with myself. I ebb and flow in how much. That’s the art of being human. We get down and we get back up.

Overall though, my way of being is a content one. I attribute that to my journey of self-inquiry, meditation, pursuing my passions and in doing exercises like the one I’m sharing with you this week.

I look forward to the ever-unfolding that is my life. Loving it, one magickal day at a time.

Let me know how this exercise is making you think, feel or reflect. I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Have a great day/night or whatever — I hope it’s full of self-love and magick!

©️2017, Artemis On Fire

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