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Day 5! Almost there! My weekly commitment has me taking a hard look at my body, my habits and how I can really accomplish some lifelong lifestyle changes.

Committing to any exercise for a week can be transformational. Even if it’s an exercise in daily reflection. I tend to look at changes as if they’re do or die and need to be lifelong. Maybe so, however I’m having success with keeping up for a week. Making my mission a daily practice and allowing

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Day 3 of what makes me attached, jealous of other bloggers, concerned for the planet and— How clearing out attic space has everything to do with non-attachment and letting go!

Wow! What a day 3! It happens to also be 3 days after Christmas and I am working on a project I have wanted to do for years and told my life-coach I was going to do this year… back in March! How’s that for procrastination and getting it done last minute? I’d probably be

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Thank you Bloggers! 

In a world of nearly 6 billion people, I seem to have found my tribe. You… you sweet delicious bloggers of life. You wonderous orchestrators of word-melody. You soul-deep conjurers of darkness. You Merlin-esque bringers of light. You transparent beings of humanities vast brilliance.  You set the stage for the dance of life. You pull

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