Day 6! New Years Purging and Letting Go!

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Keeping it simple tonight!

My thoughts toward letting go and non-attachment are summed up right here…

Christmas is down and put away ✅

A tough decison was made✅

Saying no to a concert tonight to be a mom✅

Batteries in smoke detectors changed✅

Filter in fridge replaced ✅

HVAC filters changed✅

Dormer attic completely purged✅

10 bags to Goodwill ready✅

Toys set aside to hand down to friends✅

Rearranged art work so there is new scenery at home✅

Burned a basement load of boxes and yard debris✅

Burned again Day2✅

Old towels replaced— cause 2018 will be soft & fluffy with no loose ends✅

Week 2 Vegetarian re-commitment— for life✅

Old papers thrown out or burned✅

Kids happy, laughing, helping and fed✅

Atleast 5 days of holiday had new, fresh recipes✅

A years worth of certain goals reached ✅

Doing things for me because it’s time✅

About to couch-it to watch movies✅

2017 wasn’t easy but it was amazing! Thanks for that reminder Bob Marley because nothing truly amazing is easy and the good stuff isn’t for cowards✅

A bit of rough news processing✅

I’ll be spending a lot of quality time with Marley✅– my dog, not Bob… although she is named for him -Her official name is One Love Marley Brown

Looking forward to 2018✅

Loving every day no matter what it’s #✅

Saying I love you to friends and strangers…. ✅ I love you! Yes, you… Universal love is easy to give.

From my heart and home to yours…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🎊🎆🎊🎉🎈🎆❤️

©️2017 Artemis On Fire

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