Arriving at that place,

New terrain, new surroundings… and yet, that familiar feel.

I am at a crossroad. Another turning point,

In a life of discovery.

It is here I reflect, it is here I rest, it is here I experience my Self.

It is here I can simply be.

No need to rush, no feelings of overwhelm, no need to stress

Most importantly, no need to ask others for direction or opinion.

Ahhhh, there is the spark of enlightenment on the journey.

This beautiful crossroad. Others before marred with confusion,

Wreaking of desolation or desperation.




Fumbling forward with fear, choosing on survival mode,

Not knowing the Self.

At the whim of the winds of change. Turning about, pushing me forward.

Others dragging me along.

Yet here I am, a new here not experienced before.

This beautiful crossroad.

A landscape divine, many roads unfolding at my feet, delicious and green.

A carpet of welcoming.

Relaxing into the process, I breathe in this luscious crossroad.

Unique, new, unlike all before and unlike all to come.

It is here the spiral turns, the wheel of dawning slowly moving.

I see vast sunrise and sunset, lit on fire, swirling on fast forward.

The earth spinning. Sun, moon, stars, galaxies exploding into being.

Stars dying and falling.

Others action all around, natures steady pace and others frantic worry.

Flowers bloom and die.

The acorn bursts, roots digging deep.

The oak rises, leaves and sheds in swirl of colors.

The process of life all around and here I sit. The calm in the chaos.

The witness.

This crossroad. It’s beauty springing into new eyes, filling a heart full of understanding,

Sparking a mind of knowingness… for it is here all choices are mine.

Every choice holds adventure, growth, suffering, possibility and….

Mmmmmmm, yes, the unknown.

Deeply inhaling the aroma of sweet divinity.

The air vibrates with trust, my senses quiver with delight.

Breathing deeper still, my awareness says… “Sit here child, rest.”

There is time, for time is an illusion. Choice is your power.

My body relaxes, my being is still.

Confidence is my cloak.

Whatever direction I choose will be for me.

I leave not behind.

All new roads lead to freedom and I may also return anytime.

Excitement stirs at what the next crossroad will be.

Shhhh… sit, stay here.

For now the future is not to see, only now is what’s to be.

Pics from The Good Tarot By Colette’s Baron-Reid

Copyright ©️ 2017 Artemis On Fire

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