Begin Again Right Now and Start Believing In Yourself!

Are you really ready to let go, live more fully, find that love you’re seeking, find the right guides and get out of the monotony of the Self-help world? Yep, you know you’re seeking but are you seeking in the right places? Start living your own truths! Learn how…


How do we define a Spiritual path? What’s that even mean in reality when so many Saints and Sages tell us that reality is an illusion? We are Spiritual beings having a human experience and, to me, that means we will navigate a lot of bullshit. I have fellow Spiritual friends that go to that extreme woo-woo space of… “shhhh, just be you’re trying too hard. Life is easy, just love” 

HA! I call bullshit. 

Life has the potential to be simple yet it’s never easy. 

Let that marinate a bit… 

I’m about to shed some light on what defines a Spiritual journey in my understanding, how we can stay on it and why it’s important to let others feel & be free to be on theirs. 

Once again I’m grateful for my most recent close romantic relationship because it obviously showed up to help me grow and that’s what I’m allowing myself to do. 

Everyone shows up as a teacher and some of my greatest have come as quite painful. You’ve got them too, you know it. Stop blaming them and learn.* Yes, that abusive parent, the dysfunctional ex, the high&mighty neighbor, the ones that made you feel less than or not good enough. The ones that walked away, the ones that stayed and brought you down. They came to draw you out of yourself and into your truths! 

Stop holding a grievance, cut the cords, let them go and grow! keep reading to see how hanging on is stifling their growth too. 

Our story has made us who we are yet we don’t have to live in it. It’s made to learn from and then YOU write the next chapters of the life you want from here on out. 

Ok, some things that I feel define a Spiritual journey.. 

  • You begin to own your own shit and stop blaming others for your circumstance 
  • You see life as happening for you not to you. 
  • When you screw up you want to learn why you did and course correct 
  • It becomes increasingly important for you to live in love and move away from fear. 
  • You see yourself as part of a whole universal system and become aware that your thoughts, feelings and actions affect the whole. 
  • It’s not just about you anymore (ego) 
  • You know it’s all about you (spirit) 
  • You know with every fiber of your being that your body is a temple housing your eternal Spirit and you crave to unite all aspects of your being. Oops, my woo-woo is showing
  • MEDITATION! Sit! Be! See!
  • You begin to understand you’re not separate from anything or anyone… aka, we are all just God in drag 
  • Above all you no longer want to cause harm to yourself or others. 

I could go on and on here but the Saints & Sages have already done it for me so get to reading if you want to learn more or better yet do this… 

STOP believing anything or anyone, including myself, that shows up as a guide for you unless it absolutely resonates as truth in your own heart!!! 

NO ONE KNOWS YOUR TRUTHS, except for your sweet heart, mind and soul. You are unique, precious, important and fully capable of believing so. I believe in you, I really do. That’s why I’m writing to you, yes you… right now. 

This is a cornerstone for me as a leader, guide, public speaker, teacher, friend, lover, mother and all my other roles. I DO NOT know what’s right for you!! No one does. 

Any spiritual teacher that tells you different or does not present themselves as authentic and tell you this… I call bullshit on. 

A few great books & authors on Self Discovery, Meditation and learning to love.

How you are stifling growth in others by hanging on… 

Cut those cords to people who walk out of your life! It’s not about you. It’s about them and their personal journey. When you hang on and cling to what’s no longer there then you are absorbing the poison they laid out for you. What I mean is… don’t take it personal. It’s really not. What most people do, especially those not working on themselves or desiring growth, –so we think! cause we are judging! Stop that! 

Blah, blah… course correct yourself. 

Let them find their way! We may be stifling their evolution by staying where it’s toxic. Let them clean up their nuclear waste and you focus on cleaning up yours. Get me? 

Give them a chance to learn and grow by honoring their choices. You’d want the same yes? So no matter how bad you want that job, car, man, woman, house, etc… if it’s not in your life or it’s been taken… let it go, let them go. 

Wish them well, send them love, let them go!!!! 

My toxic ex learned more about himself by me leaving that toxicity than when I stayed. 

I bet you’ve seen it too. 

At the very least, if they’re not willing to grow then stop letting that energy drag you down. You’ve heard me say it before… you’ve got this one life. Live it for you. 

Trust yourself that when you do this inner work, by default, you become more loving and compassionate so if you’re thinking walking away & letting go sounds harsh, it may be the most loving thing you can do. 

How do we stay on our own path?

I firmly believe all the answers to that question are best learned by you, for you. Therefore, it’s time to get to know yourself. Often relationships don’t work out because we were, or they were, seeking their wholeness & peace through you. 

We can only find that within ourselves so sit! Yes, meditate. here’s a great resource to begin with hundreds of meditations and avenues to learn Davidji is a wonderful spiritual guide. I also teach meditation so feel free to comment below and I’m happy to help more. 

Meditate may be the last thing you wanna hear yet, it’s the greatest tool you’ll ever have on your journey. Wisdom is not in a book or another. It’s within you! 

All the answers you seek are within you. Go there, get to know yourself and you’ll begin the most beautiful relationship you’ll ever have. The one with your Self. 

I’ll end with saying this… unless you’re walking the path of a monk, we are meant to be in relationships. We do find our wholeness through them more often than not. I’ve been on a spiritual path for a decade, single (relatively) for 7 yrs, I’m great on my own. I’m capable on my own. That does not mean I want to be. All those people out there telling you you’ve gotta be whole on your own before you find love… again, I call bullshit. None of us will be completely whole till we are pure Spirit again. So go live, fall in love. Stop trying to “fix” yourself to death. Let someone see your flaw & weakness. Let them love you just the way you are. Love them that way too. Mmmm, yea… that’s a spiritual path for sure. 

My last love once said… “I now believe one can be free by being bound.” 

Wow! What a truth… a beautiful truth from a wise man. I’d add that it’s essential the ones bound are continually willing to do the work & show up for each other. 

Start today by showing up for yourself in stillness & silence. I send you love along the journey. 

We are all just walking each other hOMe. 

Namaste 🙏🏼 

*if you are in an abusive relationship please get professional help, if you’re facing relationship struggles yet there’s love there, go to counseling, if you need help navigating these things get help. You deserve the best. I do believe more on working with great relationships than throwing them away yet the toxic ones are not healthy. My blog’s about empowerment yet I’ve been in places where all I could do was get outta bed and shower and make it through another day. Seek help, one day you’ll be thriving again. 

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