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If you love her don’t destroy her. If you want her, stoke the fire. 

https://www.elephantjournal.com/2017/01/if-you-love-her-dont-destroy-her/ Right off the bat… I had to share this blog! Read it! 👆🏻 It’s also important for me to say that, as always, I feel this goes both ways. Men experience far too much emasculation these days and their feelings run deep as well. However, it remains true that if men want to truly

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Is it true love… or another heartbreak grasp at false-love?

Pardon my absence, I was falling in love. Here is my truth on how to finally let true-love into your life. I hope you know the feeling of true love. I thought I did, maybe more wished I did, but when it arrived into my life it made me speechless, overwhelmed, dismayed, shocked, stunned and

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Hey you! Exhausted, people-pleaser. Stop! before you drop… and receive. 

 Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am a recovering people-pleaser. You might recognize yourself in me… the person that’s always giving until you’ve completely depleted yourself and you’re left feeling resentful, cranky and the result is you hardly want to be around yourself, let alone give…anyone…one…more…single…thing… even an opinion. Sorry, no opinions here! I

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