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Sweet Euphoria is Killing Me

That sick, sinking feeling is creeping in….  Yesterday lingers still and I wake to that in-between moment I’ve experienced way too many times in my life. The grief-pit morning redo. Where you go to sleep knowing someone you love so deeply is no longer in this world. Then you wake in a haze of dreamy

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Lost Love… influenced by Poe’s Annabel Lee

Facebook reminded me today that I wrote this last year. A year ago… no wonder time forgets the hearts desire and lays it to rest, allowing the person of passion to be ignited by life and other pursuits. Never take love for granted, feelings change and time marches on.

iPads, candles and Ayurveda… OH MY!! How setting up your space can ignite the fire of inspiration. 

A crucial aspect of creativity, for me, is setting the stage for inspiration to flow. In Ayurveda I am considered a straight up Pitta. We are fiery, driven and extremely passionate! About everything! I often tell people… I’m either passionate about something or I quit caring. It’s my nature and it helps me decide, fairly

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