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When he whispers…

He’s piqued my curiosity, I feel my sense of Self crumbling. The boundaries he pushes Yet he hasn’t even nudged. This, this my soul says May set your life on fire. Burning all you’ve thought to ash. Leaving every whisper to a scream. Internet image Copyright ©️ ArtemisOnFire 2017

On My Knees

I’m stripped bare in the library of your knowledge, Blindfolded by your words as you read them to me, Penitent I kneel before you, Humble upon your altar, I worship every syllable. Internet image Copyright 2017 ©️ ArtemisOnFire

That Place

That place. I need to go there. To see what it’s like, what secrets it holds in the mist, what whispers I can’t hear through all of this noise… That place. Where is it? My soles know the way. Tingling with remembrance long before bare feet touch the path, soul open, mind erased… That place.

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Arriving at that place, New terrain, new surroundings… and yet, that familiar feel. I am at a crossroad. Another turning point, In a life of discovery. It is here I reflect, it is here I rest, it is here I experience my Self. It is here I can simply be. No need to rush, no

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