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If you love her don’t destroy her. If you want her, stoke the fire. 

https://www.elephantjournal.com/2017/01/if-you-love-her-dont-destroy-her/ Right off the bat… I had to share this blog! Read it! 👆🏻 It’s also important for me to say that, as always, I feel this goes both ways. Men experience far too much emasculation these days and their feelings run deep as well. However, it remains true that if men want to truly

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What if the World was in a Love-Bubble

When love walks in, sweeps you away, leaves you confounded in ultimate bliss… both of you writers, poets and wordsmiths… and you simply laugh with each other, hold tighter and agree that no one else could possibly understand this wonder we have found. As I grasp for understanding, he reminds me to just be, to

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There’s a Shoe for that Love Wound

I speak of love While wearing trauma The delicate dance Of surrender Opening old wounds Letting the balm of love  Pour in One day effortless  The next… Feel with me my love  and Don’t ever worry dear You see,  I’m just being… me.  That’s never tragic.  More like a mystery.  Tragic is only a coat 

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Stepping Into Vulnerability. The terrifying truth about seeking your extraordinary life that lives WAY outside your comfort zone.

Moving past our own fears and getting out of our comfort zone can be most terrifying. If it’s met with someone who can handle your insecurities because they also know your strengths… take a chance! The field of vulnerability is where all the juiciest magic in life lives. Carrying around a suit of armor and never opening up is certain to keep you right where you are now. In the comfort zone of ordinary living. If that’s where you need to be right now then great… be there. When you are feeling the readiness to step out of that comfort zone… it’s going to be scary, it’s going to take courage… and it might open the door to a most extraordinary life.

You can’t shortchange your heart what it wants to feel.

I’ve been exploring the curious feel of how changing one word in an A-ha moment may actually shift the entire feel. Taking you from empowerment to confusion within moments. We know the power of this. The simple shift of one word creating an entirely different trajectory.  LOVE.     HATE.     Each creating its own

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