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Seduction of Spirit

No seductive poetry this time. It is however, the Chopra Centers signature event retreat and in three weeks I’m taking you along for the ride!!  After attending maybe 13-15 Chopra events, three being their certifications for Primordial Sound Meditation, Perfect Health Ayurveda and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, taking over two years off to

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Begin Again Right Now and Start Believing In Yourself!

Are you really ready to let go, live more fully, find that love you’re seeking, find the right guides and get out of the monotony of the Self-help world? Yep, you know you’re seeking but are you seeking in the right places? Start living your own truths! Learn how…

Rising up! 

I’m not a religious person, yet I’ve always aligned with the parable about Paul, or is it Saul, on the road to Damascus. When he’s blinded by the light of understanding- my take on it – and is forever changed.  Yep, I’m versed and I dig any wisdom tradition.  Educate yourself and be open. Everything

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Writings from a friend and musings on love.

Sharing a memory from a few years ago… or maybe just last year. Time is a funny thing.  A very dear friend and I exchange poetry a lot on FB and messages etc…prior to my blogging days. His writing below will sing to your soul. Don’t forget the trail of love you leave behind that

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Trust. Do you have it in you? 

Peace and trust are states of being within ourselves. They can not be achieved through another. They can not be gifted to you from another. Trust is not something you actually have in another, it’s something you have within.  When you fully trust yourself, your life and your ability to be “ok”… then, and only

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