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Established in Oneness, only then I perform action… Yogastha Karu Karmani

A most beloved quote I return to again and again when there is doubt & confusion.  Often, for our greater Spiritual journey and evolution, the wisest thing to do is be still. To slow down. No need to make decisions – in Sanskrit it’s Yogastha Karu Karmani. In Psalms, 46:10 I believe, it’s Be Still

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Do you feel needy and high-maintenance in love? Read on to see how your vulnerability might just be what they adore. 

Thinking you’re too high maintenance and making yourself stressed over what your partner thinks about you and your needs is a sure fire way to eat you alive. It’s also a sure-fire way to make them feel they are responsible for your happiness… they are not. No one is but you.  If they feel constantly

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What if the World was in a Love-Bubble

When love walks in, sweeps you away, leaves you confounded in ultimate bliss… both of you writers, poets and wordsmiths… and you simply laugh with each other, hold tighter and agree that no one else could possibly understand this wonder we have found. As I grasp for understanding, he reminds me to just be, to

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Is it true love… or another heartbreak grasp at false-love?

Pardon my absence, I was falling in love. Here is my truth on how to finally let true-love into your life. I hope you know the feeling of true love. I thought I did, maybe more wished I did, but when it arrived into my life it made me speechless, overwhelmed, dismayed, shocked, stunned and

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You have the power to choose your circle! 

Let those people go, you may be enabling their behavior and finding your personal freedom may inspire theirs.  #artemisonfire #liveyourbestlife #dontsettle #findyourinnermagic #thrive #theiractionsspeaksvolumes #listen #findyourself #pursueyourpassion