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Amiss Yet Breathing

Possibility brewing Work abuzz Packed day of inspiration Relaxed at home Taste of wine on my lips Witnessing the setting sun The only light for ages Being my prayers to the moon Yet here it is Now I hear it Now I see Where have I been My eyes heavy clouded Today seeing again The

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Writings from a friend and musings on love.

Sharing a memory from a few years ago… or maybe just last year. Time is a funny thing.  A very dear friend and I exchange poetry a lot on FB and messages etc…prior to my blogging days. His writing below will sing to your soul. Don’t forget the trail of love you leave behind that

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Lost Love… influenced by Poe’s Annabel Lee

Facebook reminded me today that I wrote this last year. A year ago… no wonder time forgets the hearts desire and lays it to rest, allowing the person of passion to be ignited by life and other pursuits. Never take love for granted, feelings change and time marches on.


Yes, it’s worth the risk. You are worth the risk.  I’d rather risk losing your friendship forever, than let one more day go by not telling you … let’s risk it all!  I’ve said I love you,  I haven’t said I’m in love with you.  To be in love with you, would be to risk diving

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