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5 Ways I’m Navigating Total Heartbreak and Why I’ll Never Give Up On Love, even when it kills us. 

As I’m wrestling with relationship turmoil… aka confusion and heart-sickness, I received this Elephant Journal blog in my Email  https://www.elephantjournal.com/2017/06/are-your-insecurities-screwing-up-your-relationship/  In life and love we all have insecurities. It’s part of being human.  I have taken a big chance on love and something I was so sure of on Thursday has left me feeling sick

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Stepping Into Vulnerability. The terrifying truth about seeking your extraordinary life that lives WAY outside your comfort zone.

Moving past our own fears and getting out of our comfort zone can be most terrifying. If it’s met with someone who can handle your insecurities because they also know your strengths… take a chance! The field of vulnerability is where all the juiciest magic in life lives. Carrying around a suit of armor and never opening up is certain to keep you right where you are now. In the comfort zone of ordinary living. If that’s where you need to be right now then great… be there. When you are feeling the readiness to step out of that comfort zone… it’s going to be scary, it’s going to take courage… and it might open the door to a most extraordinary life.

Too Little, Too Late 

I found this note from my ex tonight. He wrote it 7 years ago and it was too little, too late.  It’s no secret that I lived within an extremely toxic marriage for almost 15 years. Actually I wasn’t living within it… I was dying there.  Almost 7 years divorced and I have wondered off

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Sweet Euphoria is Killing Me

That sick, sinking feeling is creeping in….  Yesterday lingers still and I wake to that in-between moment I’ve experienced way too many times in my life. The grief-pit morning redo. Where you go to sleep knowing someone you love so deeply is no longer in this world. Then you wake in a haze of dreamy

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