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Inner Compass 

I don’t make too many plans really and I don’t often map things out. I like to go where things feel right.  Not necessarily good… but right.  I’m not really a map person. I travel more by compass…  and I tend to change direction a lot. 

Mockingbird dreams

What is it like to be the bird on the flag pole? The highest perch yet unsteady footing on the rain-covered metal.  Feels like life. The crow and the mockingbird don’t seem to mind the rain. Discarded french fry in the parking lot a greater treasure than the bother of wet feathers.  Feels like life.

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What if the World was in a Love-Bubble

When love walks in, sweeps you away, leaves you confounded in ultimate bliss… both of you writers, poets and wordsmiths… and you simply laugh with each other, hold tighter and agree that no one else could possibly understand this wonder we have found. As I grasp for understanding, he reminds me to just be, to

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There’s a Shoe for that Love Wound

I speak of love While wearing trauma The delicate dance Of surrender Opening old wounds Letting the balm of love  Pour in One day effortless  The next… Feel with me my love  and Don’t ever worry dear You see,  I’m just being… me.  That’s never tragic.  More like a mystery.  Tragic is only a coat 

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