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Another Broken Holiday

In my sadness I cleaned the junk drawer. Already on the brink of madness and despair, I’m nearly pushed over the edge when I received a call from a delivery service saying the flowers were left on my front step. The spark of wonder lasted a fraction of a millisecond, then settled into dread. I

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That Place

That place. I need to go there. To see what it’s like, what secrets it holds in the mist, what whispers I can’t hear through all of this noise… That place. Where is it? My soles know the way. Tingling with remembrance long before bare feet touch the path, soul open, mind erased… That place.

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Life As A Pink Peony

If I came to life as a flower, or maybe when I was… I’d see myself as a Peony. By far my favorite flower. Somehow writing that makes it sound full of ego, let’s say it’s the heavy dosing of self-love. Indeed I’d be a pink Peony, the color my eyes see as love, for

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