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Are you following your truths or living for others?? You have this one life… start living it for you. 

Each step on your path is best taken in pursuit of your own truths. The choices you make, the doors you choose to step through, are best decided upon based on your own values, boundaries, dreams and desires.  Yours.  No one knows your truths and no one can tell you what they are.  Be the

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Is it true love… or another heartbreak grasp at false-love?

Pardon my absence, I was falling in love. Here is my truth on how to finally let true-love into your life. I hope you know the feeling of true love. I thought I did, maybe more wished I did, but when it arrived into my life it made me speechless, overwhelmed, dismayed, shocked, stunned and

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You have the power to choose your circle! 

Let those people go, you may be enabling their behavior and finding your personal freedom may inspire theirs.  #artemisonfire #liveyourbestlife #dontsettle #findyourinnermagic #thrive #theiractionsspeaksvolumes #listen #findyourself #pursueyourpassion