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Are you a writer or a storyteller? The shift in perspective might help unblock your creative flow. Here are 6 ways that help me JUST WRITE! 

Allow yourself freedom within your written word.  I held myself up for years worrying if my writing would be perfect, if people would like it, why I wanted to write, what I wanted to write and more blocks than I can even think of now.  I had a great talk with a spiritual guide and

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Coffee House Heartache, Starting The Book, Getting Out Of My Routine to Heal, and knowing I’m going to get really raw & vulnerable in the name of finding mySelf and leading you to yours. (5min read)

The birthing of a book started today and this is an excerpt from the first chapter. Near the end of the first chapter where I already laid a lot of groundwork on things you may not understand when reading this bit. However, I hope you enjoy. Although my blog will not contain much from the book itself… I hope you find it interesting and I will keep you posted as it builds, grows and becomes. Thank you for reading and I would love your words of encouragement in the comments! It’s not easy putting it all out there yet I’ve found it creates an amazing space for us all to heal, feel less alone and find the ability to embrace our uniqueness.

Rising up! 

I’m not a religious person, yet I’ve always aligned with the parable about Paul, or is it Saul, on the road to Damascus. When he’s blinded by the light of understanding- my take on it – and is forever changed.  Yep, I’m versed and I dig any wisdom tradition.  Educate yourself and be open. Everything

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Trust. Do you have it in you? 

Peace and trust are states of being within ourselves. They can not be achieved through another. They can not be gifted to you from another. Trust is not something you actually have in another, it’s something you have within.  When you fully trust yourself, your life and your ability to be “ok”… then, and only

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The Love Wish Arrived, now let go

Love…  a wish spoken Thousands of times On dandelion wisp On moonbeam And daydream it has no timetable  No definition No explanations Falling in it  Random and unprepared  Wondering at its reality Or prepared Your whole life Never knowing The magic existed Like this Best not to question Not to wonder Simply  Let go  Fall

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