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Another Broken Holiday

In my sadness I cleaned the junk drawer. Already on the brink of madness and despair, I’m nearly pushed over the edge when I received a call from a delivery service saying the flowers were left on my front step. The spark of wonder lasted a fraction of a millisecond, then settled into dread. I

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Rocking Your Single Life, Attracting The One You Really Want By Being Yourself, and 11 Ways To Live Right Now

Free- Spirited Lovers

Let’s face it, when we are single we often spend a good bit of time on our own. How are you spending that time? What steps are you taking toward allowing yourself to feel good no matter what your relationship status? I’ve found my life as a single woman absolutely liberating and at times totally

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Arriving at that place, New terrain, new surroundings… and yet, that familiar feel. I am at a crossroad. Another turning point, In a life of discovery. It is here I reflect, it is here I rest, it is here I experience my Self. It is here I can simply be. No need to rush, no

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