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Let The Hurt Transform You

True love happens  At unexpected times  Turns you upside down Brings you out of yourself Burning too bright Unstable flames consuming When true light shines Often after the lover is gone Wanting them back achingly so To have them run back In the midst of hurt  Seems of folly & foolishness Allow the work to

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The Dating Chronicles: California Dreaming — Day 1, planes, texts, wine, 50-Shades guy, and returning to Self

The Dating Chronicles often contain some foul language, sexual content, pushing boundaries and very open-minded thinking. Read on if you are aware of this and are not judging my perspective, lifestyle or general musings. We are all on our own journey. I share my thoughts and experience with those who may benefit or become inspired to find their own magic. I post this disclaimer because I understand that’s not for everyone… therefor if you are already offended, stop here. If you are intrigued… read on! I wish you luck in finding yourSelf, your inner magic and fun while dating.

The Dating Chronicles: Letting Go Of Lost Love

Moving on from lost love can be one of the most difficult times in life. We truly go through all the stages of grief and I highly recommend you allow yourself to grieve. Any loss, even if it’s not a death, is worth taking the time to allow yourself the process of grieving. It’s in

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Amiss Yet Breathing

Possibility brewing Work abuzz Packed day of inspiration Relaxed at home Taste of wine on my lips Witnessing the setting sun The only light for ages Being my prayers to the moon Yet here it is Now I hear it Now I see Where have I been My eyes heavy clouded Today seeing again The

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