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Seduction of Spirit: Wisdom Shared from my Meditation Retreat (even though I started writing this 5months ago!)

Along your spiritual journey certain themes play out within almost all wisdom traditions. Acceptance, detachment, surrender, faith, trust, allowing… these are some of the big ones for me.  Hearing these words, repeating them to myself … actually creates calm. The guidance of gurus, saints and sages often comes down to… simplicity.  Keep it simple.  Trust

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We’ll Find Our Way

We’ll find our way.  Twice I said to you, “we’ll find our way.” I’m confident I’ve never said that to anyone in my life, much less a lover. A love. My love. We’ll find our way.  I must have known these were territories that would feel like braving the wilderness. Yet I knew, with every

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Amiss Yet Breathing

Possibility brewing Work abuzz Packed day of inspiration Relaxed at home Taste of wine on my lips Witnessing the setting sun The only light for ages Being my prayers to the moon Yet here it is Now I hear it Now I see Where have I been My eyes heavy clouded Today seeing again The

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