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Prophecy In Words

What if you had got on your bike to ride.  When that forbidden fruit was ripe. Or Maybe I should have taken flight.  Dragons fly for dragonflies and bats sense mystery.  Nature sees with hungry eyes that spy  Truth in the knight. Immovable on the board.   I can whisper but I need to hear you

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Inner Compass 

I don’t make too many plans really and I don’t often map things out. I like to go where things feel right.  Not necessarily good… but right.  I’m not really a map person. I travel more by compass…  and I tend to change direction a lot. 

Mockingbird dreams

What is it like to be the bird on the flag pole? The highest perch yet unsteady footing on the rain-covered metal.  Feels like life. The crow and the mockingbird don’t seem to mind the rain. Discarded french fry in the parking lot a greater treasure than the bother of wet feathers.  Feels like life.

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The Love Wish Arrived, now let go

Love…  a wish spoken Thousands of times On dandelion wisp On moonbeam And daydream it has no timetable  No definition No explanations Falling in it  Random and unprepared  Wondering at its reality Or prepared Your whole life Never knowing The magic existed Like this Best not to question Not to wonder Simply  Let go  Fall

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Are you following your truths or living for others?? You have this one life… start living it for you. 

Each step on your path is best taken in pursuit of your own truths. The choices you make, the doors you choose to step through, are best decided upon based on your own values, boundaries, dreams and desires.  Yours.  No one knows your truths and no one can tell you what they are.  Be the

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