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Exposing My Grief through Heartache, My Story and JRR Tolkien

Recent events have been a huge catalyst to help me remember who I am, the roads I’ve traveled, the lessons and gifts I’ve gathered along a journey with more than a fair share of grief and heartache. The grief experienced in the most part due to deaths within my close, soul-family & actual family departing

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Your Grave is Like Christmas in July

I saw your grave today Apart on the side of a hill.  Somewhere between the cemetery and the road.  As if sliding away Might mean you’re not Quite there.  We all are I suppose, Somewhere between  That resting place And journeys road.  Fresh tilled earth  Piled higher than the others  Catching my eye.  But it

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Death Falls Like Rain

It’s amazing to me how at times the simplest moment can lead to inspiration, insight or deep introspection. Possibly it’s only certain minds. The minds of deep thinkers, daydreamers, poets, lovers, and the ones who live with one foot in a world of imagination. Who knows? I love the curious mind, the one unafraid to fall down the rabbit hole and allow whatever possibility dances there at the edge to come out and play.