Category: Mother Nature

Life As A Pink Peony

If I came to life as a flower, or maybe when I was… I’d see myself as a Peony. By far my favorite flower. Somehow writing that makes it sound full of ego, let’s say it’s the heavy dosing of self-love. Indeed I’d be a pink Peony, the color my eyes see as love, for

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Amiss Yet Breathing

Possibility brewing Work abuzz Packed day of inspiration Relaxed at home Taste of wine on my lips Witnessing the setting sun The only light for ages Being my prayers to the moon Yet here it is Now I hear it Now I see Where have I been My eyes heavy clouded Today seeing again The

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The Language of Butterflies 

Momentarily lost in space & time as I watched what I assumed to be two butterflies warming their wings in an early morning patch of sun… until I noticed it was more than that.  They were carrying on a conversation with wing flaps, flutters and vibrations. Back & forth they silently chatted for about 15

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