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Seduction of Spirit: Wisdom Shared from my Meditation Retreat (even though I started writing this 5months ago!)

Along your spiritual journey certain themes play out within almost all wisdom traditions. Acceptance, detachment, surrender, faith, trust, allowing… these are some of the big ones for me.  Hearing these words, repeating them to myself … actually creates calm. The guidance of gurus, saints and sages often comes down to… simplicity.  Keep it simple.  Trust

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Simple Pleasures

Truth: I derive great pleasure in the simple things about life. A cup of hot tea, sweetened just right. Super cozy quilts, snug in bed. Book light blazing, the only glow in the room. My cheesy love of Hercule Poirot coming alive with mystery, in the simple yet elegant writing of Agatha Christie. The house

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The Language of Butterflies 

Momentarily lost in space & time as I watched what I assumed to be two butterflies warming their wings in an early morning patch of sun… until I noticed it was more than that.  They were carrying on a conversation with wing flaps, flutters and vibrations. Back & forth they silently chatted for about 15

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Mockingbird dreams

What is it like to be the bird on the flag pole? The highest perch yet unsteady footing on the rain-covered metal.  Feels like life. The crow and the mockingbird don’t seem to mind the rain. Discarded french fry in the parking lot a greater treasure than the bother of wet feathers.  Feels like life.

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Death Falls Like Rain

It’s amazing to me how at times the simplest moment can lead to inspiration, insight or deep introspection. Possibly it’s only certain minds. The minds of deep thinkers, daydreamers, poets, lovers, and the ones who live with one foot in a world of imagination. Who knows? I love the curious mind, the one unafraid to fall down the rabbit hole and allow whatever possibility dances there at the edge to come out and play.