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Zen Life-Wisdom Inspired by Love, Masters of Meditation… and a squirrel

SQUIRREL!!! So many times in my life I’ve felt, acted, reacted and been overwhelmed with indecision. A lot like the embodiment of your friendly, neighborhood squirrel. Have you seen that meme about the road of life being paved with squirrels who couldn’t make a decision? In all honesty, decision making and discernment-of-choice have not actually

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California: Day 3 — Downtime, Lunch With A View and Lessons in Trust

One way I epically failed in my recent relationship was in the realm of trust. I’m never afraid to admit when I show up in ways I wish I had not. There’s also no real reason to beat myself up over what I consider failing. First and foremost I failed myself and that’s part of

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Simple Pleasures

Truth: I derive great pleasure in the simple things about life. A cup of hot tea, sweetened just right. Super cozy quilts, snug in bed. Book light blazing, the only glow in the room. My cheesy love of Hercule Poirot coming alive with mystery, in the simple yet elegant writing of Agatha Christie. The house

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