Author: Artemis On Fire

This journey together…

The path feels well worn, and often rocky & steep, Your journey, So much like mine. The spiral of life, Your experience unique, and nothing new… I see it too. It’s all been done before, it’s all been fought, it’s all been worried about, it’s all been overcome, it’s all been loved, it’s all been

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Time To Focus

I wrote this after days of background beating myself up… You know those times. Where you’re good and you’re meeting responsibilities, however you’ve let your passions slip. You postpone your personal goals for all the “stuff” you have to do. I wrote this little quote-pic for IG and then it hit me… My blog needs

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Day 7!! with 9 minutes to go, no need to be right and every reason to love more.

Here we are. The last day in a week commitment to blog about Aparigraha, or non-attachment. An aspect of non-coveting can be a form of the opposite. Generosity. I find, when we let go of the need to be attached to people, things, habits, ideas and more, that we become more giving. A world where

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