Wave After Wave

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and I am not,

I am the space between your thoughts,

I am the deluge and the drought,

I am the Siren and the Silence,

crashing wave after wave upon my own shore.

We are the calm tide, the lazy river,

the hurricane, the soft pattering rain.

We are the wave of consciousness rising out of the ocean of existence to experience itself over and over again.

Each time we crash on shore, or roll in slowly like before,

we refine the shards of life to warm yielding sand.

It may seem like the same lessons time and time again,

yet it’s simply the undulating waves of life.

Swim, float, surf, rest, even when you’re knocked down by that unexpected crash…

the tides will keep up their ebb and flow.

Image by The Kali Love, from mama pacific to my sweet heart… to yours. 🙏🏼

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