Small steps toward Big goals!


“My career & life experience has taught me so much. It’s shown me that many people are quick to tear you down. ‘The many’ like to point out your faults & your failures. Many don’t like to see you succeed, especially if that success is your own happiness.

Your success and happiness is uncomfortable for many, so it’s easier for them to belittle it, walk away from it, attempt to sabotage it or at least try to make it insignificant or negative in others eyes.

My career & life experience has also shown me the beauty of those who celebrate you, who look to believe the best in you instead of buying into others perspectives. It’s graced me with friendships that weather any storm and are often the source of my light when all I can see is darkness.

It’s taught me to surround myself with builders of heart, not destroyers of mind.

It’s easier to listen to those who want to put you down. Yet there are thousands of voices in the world that long to lift you up. Hear them. Seek them.

Keep going with your own dreams and surround yourself with those who believe in possibilities instead of obstacles. Those that celebrate you instead of the ones ready to point out what can go wrong.

Above all else… be that person for others and most of all yourself.

This is your journey! We can’t do it alone yet we can do anything with the right people, with trust in ourselves and with unwavering dedication toward our goals.” — Jennifer Clay.

7 comments on “Small steps toward Big goals!”

  1. YOU Jennifer Clay have earned and deserve ALL that you have accomplished and experienced.
    YOU whole heartedly share yourself, your heart and your love to those who cross you path.
    Words of another have NO POWER

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    1. Thank you.
      It’s much less people I keep company with and more so a statement about working with the public and some employees. A statement about human nature.
      Although the awareness does make me really cautious to whom I share space with and to focus on the positive relationships and let others go.
      Thanks again Ms Zi!


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