Day 3 of what makes me attached, jealous of other bloggers, concerned for the planet and— How clearing out attic space has everything to do with non-attachment and letting go!

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Wow! What a day 3!

It happens to also be 3 days after Christmas and I am working on a project I have wanted to do for years and told my life-coach I was going to do this year… back in March! How’s that for procrastination and getting it done last minute? I’d probably be embarrassed to post pics, yet we know I am all about authenticity and vulnerability so…

I have this dormer attic over my garage that houses Christmas from decades past and present, kid toys from the last two decades almost, old paint cans, a lizard tank, antiques that were my grandmothers and I am pretty sure they stashed Jimmy Hoffa in there somewhere too! I said last year that before the Christmas decor came down I was clearing out.

Didn’t happen.

Fast-forward a year, my commitment to my blogging and my readers, my meditation Teacher Training and my flat-out disappointment in Self if it didn’t happen, and I am cleaning like Hazel. Anyone remember her?

Before I show you the mess… here are my kids and myself around the tree!

Talk about vulnerable, I never thought I would put them on here. Yet, here we are… super normal and WAY extraordinary 😉

Now for the mess and how it has to do with The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali if you’re confused already start here with blog 1 of 7 and it will explain.

I have really relaxed over the holidays. “Relaxed” makes it seem elegant. I have had a wonderful time, cooked, wrapped, grocery shopped and kept a presentable house… and also slept late every day, generally slothed about, and gotten quite fluffy from no running and cheesecake for breakfast. And sometimes lunch. And sometimes a before-bed snack. You get the picture.

FLUFF! Running starts back tomorrow. Said the Sloth! lol

After I sloth… I move mountains! Today it was mountains of crap, junk and things I really want to let go of.

I’ll post the pics below. Worpress is acting up with me loading them here. Maybe it’s the Universe saying, “Don’t post your mess!”

For the exercise of Aparigraha, or non-attachment, I honestly had epiphany after epiphany today as I sorted through so. much stuff.

Including the ‘stuff’ on my mind.

Here goes…

What I covet or am attached to in my core relationships– I am obviously very attached to buying ‘things’ for my children. They have every device, toy, convenience known to first-world, middle-class kids. I see the blessing that I have always been able to provide and yet, today, and with this exercise, I see so much waste it breaks my heart. There is a lot to think about here. Am I teaching my kids the value of service to others? That thought simply popped into my mind. It’s an important part of life and something I value and feel is a parenting-duty to teach my children to be adults that are of service to the world or the less-fortunate. They have this in their hearts as it’s already a part of who we are. However, with this Christmas I did purchase less for them and they agreed that more things weren’t necessary. It was more about time we spent, laughter we had, and lots of downtime. I can’t help but see how it would have been even more fulfilling had we brought gifts to needy families or served food to the homeless. We do donate and give money etc. Always. However, I want my kids to see service in action.

Out of this exercise, I can see how I will purchase less in the future. Less things for sure! I’d rather have experience and spend 2018 letting go of things we own. Too much stuff clutters the home, the mind and the heart. I will also make efforts to see how my kids and I can be of more service.

Now for friends. Today I am super jealous, again, of those in relationship. Not for the love aspect that was on my heart in the Day 2 blog, but for the simple fact that… I AM SO TIRED AND SORE right now! I would have loved to have had a significant other, especially a big strong man to help me move all this stuff around. Plus there are items of furniture and such I need another person for. What were my kids doing you might ask? My daughter was washing, drying and folding laundry all day and my son cleaned loads of dishes in the kitchen and then they were off to their dad’s house. Both my kids have been raised to help and they do-so without asking really. Not only because I am partial… they are great kids and will make a positive difference in the world. Especially with their kindness and compassion. Parent-win!

Yes, today I would have loved a man around and I am super attached to the fact I don’t. At least maybe he could be massaging my aching back right now.

Where is the attachment, jealousy or coveting with my co-workers?

Hmmmm, digging deep here, maybe today it would be with you guys, my fellow bloggers. An amazing blogger, Dee Kay here’s a link to his latest blog. nominated me for the Liebster Award… over a week ago! I still have not sat down and honored him and myself by writing the blog I am supposed to write for this. Yes, it was the holidays and I took a break, however I see many of my fellow bloggers posting away. Many of those fellow bloggers that I plan to nominate as well. It is for 2017, and an honor, so I better get to it!

It’s not simply a matter of posting. I am always amazed at the talented writers out there. The bloggers living out loud, hiding behind poetic prose, traveling the world and the deepest depths of their minds. It’s a thing of beauty. Jealousy of other writers certainly does creep in. It’s weird though. It’s no more of a jealousy than seeing a great sunset or hearing beautiful music. Maybe it’s because it’s my medium too, but in truth I would rather read those beautiful words than spend time being jealous. It’s an easy coveting to let go. I’m proud of my writing, my vulnerability, my crazy, my sexy, my poetry and more. It’s all good. I’ll remember that the next time I read words that make me drool that aren’t my own. I have more love for the art than anything else.

The grievance!

Today I am going WAY out on a limb but it was on my mind as I sorted toys, junk, papers, bags, clothes and a myriad of stored nonsense. I have a grievance with the way we trash up Mother Earth. Maybe my grievance is with consumerism. We are SO attached to buying, owning, having the newest, and throwing tons & tons of garbage away.

Typing that made me stop, pause, reflect. Every plastic bag I ever have makes me wonder if it will end up in the ocean, in some turtles belly. I mostly use reusable bags and I recycle some. Why do we need so much plastic? I want this to create a shift in the way I purchase. The way I won’t buy as much or more than I need. I am ready to be about choosing experience over possessions. You with me?

I would love your comments below on how this blog has made you think and feel today.

Lastly, what I covet in myself. Some could see this part as filled with ego. I like it though. Davidji has really laid this exercise out brilliantly. He is stirring things up, making us think and also encouraging or reminding us to see the beauty within. This is life.

Today I am attached or completely owning the fact I am making huge changes in creating spaciousness in my home, choosing kinder ways for the earth, focusing on how I can always be a better parent and having the strength to really let go! So many people would not have this mindset at all. Not only am I wanting to do better, I am sharing that wisdom and possibly inspiring others as well. What a world!

Maybe we are trashing her up. I also see the way we beautify her through our hearts, through our art and through the desire to want to love her as well.

It’s with so much love I write this today. I hope you are enjoying this week as much as I am.

Wishing you peace, love, magick and a whole lot of spaciousness as we let go!

©️ 2017 Artemis On Fire

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