Zen Life-Wisdom Inspired by Love, Masters of Meditation… and a squirrel



So many times in my life I’ve felt, acted, reacted and been overwhelmed with indecision. A lot like the embodiment of your friendly, neighborhood squirrel.

Have you seen that meme about the road of life being paved with squirrels who couldn’t make a decision?

In all honesty, decision making and discernment-of-choice have not actually been my issues, yet feeling like I have to scurry, work, do, try, accomplish, achieve, do more, try harder…

you get the idea.

That’s often been me.

Crazy as it may seem, lessons in life are everywhere and I once again attribute my major recent evolutions to my most recent love. There’s nothing like love to sweep in, clear house, take you out of yourself and into being what you’re meant to be.


It’s transformational!

Even if it breaks your heart, it’s simply opening you up to learning more about yourself.

Yes, today all this is inspired by a squirrel and a lover.

It’s me, let’s expect nothing less. 😉

This little guy has had more focus and accomplishment today than myself.

Although I find his scurrying back & forth building a nest in my gutters quite the opposite of the zen relaxation day I set aside for myself, I admire his tenacity nonetheless and feel zero guilt in my own choices of simply being today.

For every thing there is a season.

I guess I’m not-very-poetically saying I’ve realized I’ve gathered my “nuts” in the last decade of self-discovery and I’ve arrived at that very first place again, indeed knowing it for the first time.

That quote is on my homepage of my blog for a reason.

It’s profound, I get it.

We can search all we want, learn, read, get various degrees and certifications and still wonder what life is really about.

We arrive to that ‘same place’ often, just as we get served the same lessons over and over until we get it and grow.

I have a real knowingness about myself recently.

Knowingness of life, my life experience at least.

Not knowledgeable of it… yet, knowingness of it.

Recently fully understanding, and integrating into my being, the fact that knowledge is nothing compared to knowingness, has set me on a track to true liberation.

I’ve been told by many Spiritual guides that it’s …

Knowledge + Experience that = Wisdom

In my hurried, over-achiever mind I’d think, “yea, yea I get it, I’ve experienced a lot”… almost laughable to the knowingness in my heart at this moment.

As I sit surrounded by my required reading books for my latest endeavor –Masters Of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher Training with Davidji — I feel at home. Home within mySelf. In my being.

I’ll thoroughly enjoy these books written by true masters of wisdom. I will also, for the first time, know that they’re still not masters of my experience and it’s my inner-world that contains all the knowingness I really need.

On my most recent retreat, I listened to Rupert Spira speak on life, quantum realities, non-dualism and so much more. I sat in the front row, mesmerized by every word as it penetrated my being. At the end, as he answered audience questions, he said, “Let me share with you all I feel you need to understand… love more, and do whatever you want.”

Love more and do whatever you want!

There’s a simple beauty to this when you live and come from compassion, with no desire to harm… then free yourself up from societal guilt, shame and conditioning. Be you.

Love more…

and do whatever you want.

There’s really nothing to do, to accomplish… there is, I know, I know… we all have to pay our bills

and yet… life’s about experiencing.

Keep gathering those nuts, one nugget of wisdom at a time, keep building your nest… until one day you’ll realize you’ve had all you need all along.

Copyright © 2017 ArtemisOnFire

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