Using Your Doubt to Strengthen Your Trust


We often see doubt as somehow failing ourselves or not being strong enough, etc. Shifting our awareness of Doubt, we begin to recognize that each time we truly embrace it, move through it, sit with it, love it as part of our journey… then we build more trust from within ourselves, for ourselves. We strengthen our “trust-muscle”.

Remember, trust is not something you have in outside sources, it comes from within and when we fully trust ourselves, we can trust in anyone or anything, knowing we will be ok regardless of circumstances.

Ask yourself what it is you’re afraid of. Doubt often accompanies fear. When we Self-inquire, things start getting REALLY good… and sometimes painful.

The inward journey can be a daunting one. The only way through pain is to be with the pain and ultimately realize that pain is part of life but the suffering is optional. 

Suffering is optional, trust me.

No, better yet…. trust yourself!

The best way to trust yourself is by taking the time to get to know your Self. We do this through self-inquiry, spiritual practice, life experience and most of all… meditation.

Meditation helps get you closer to the realization that you are much more than your situation and outside circumstances. You are a beautiful being having a human experience.



Breathe some more.

Breathe deeper.

Deep breathing helps calm the autonomic response of Fight/Flight.

Yes, your brain is hardwired to protect you, it sends fear and doubt signals when we are in danger. Nowadays, it’s not very often or common for most of us, thankfully, that it’s actual physical or survival danger, it’s most likely emotional stress of having our needs not met.

Simply put… stress is just that, when what we want is not what is. I’ll write about that later as well, liberation through acceptance.

Along the journey to emotional freedom, finding Trust in ourselves is a key step, so let’s stick with the Trust topic for now and build on it as we go.

Can you pause long enough to sense that you will be ok? Can you allow yourself the time to sit, meditate and simply be in a place of trust? 

We all fear. We all doubt. Let’s sit with it and learn from it.

Many of us are struggling with life circumstances… A diagnosis, a breakup, a lost job, grief, work stress, family demands, the state of the planet and so much more.

You, we, are not alone. 

Even when we feel we are alone, and trust me I struggle with that a lot coming from a place of very little, to no family support. Take the time right now to think of people, or hobbies & things that do support you. A sibling, a friend, a pet, an author, a book, a song… dig deep if you have to and send that person or thing some gratitude.

You, we, are so much more than this flesh and bone body. We are infinite beings having a human experience and each of those experiences, no matter good or bad, is teaching us to have trust in our journey. 

Trust yourself. 

Yes, others may lie, cheat, steal, leave you, try to break you and so on. It’s the shadow-side of human nature. What I’m proposing here is that if you have trust within, no one can take that from you. They are stealing their own lives away. They can’t take the trust you have in yourself.

Navigate through your doubt, build your trust. Even if it takes a lifetime, begin to make it part of your practice. 

Listen to your heart, follow your intuition… trust yourself. 

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is on their own journey. If we try to follow what everyone else says is “right” we will never know what’s truly right for ourselves.

Trust can become your best friend, your greatest tool along your path of self-discovery and living a life of freedom and joy.

Deep joy. It’s time to cultivate it.

In Sanskrit it’s called Moksha. Emotional freedom, liberation.

When Doubt rears it’s head, breathe and remember that it’s simply a signal for you to question what’s going on and empower you to trust yourself more.

Want more on navigating doubt and gaining trust? I highly recommend reading Trust by Osho. Click here for Amazon link

Doubt is the friend of trust. without doubt, trust would be impotent. Move through doubt and trust grows. In this, Doubt is more powerful than faith or belief because those things are outside of yourSelf, yet Doubt helps trust grow within and that never leaves you.
inspired by Osho

Copyright 2017 Artemis On Fire

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