Seduction of Spirit: Wisdom Shared from my Meditation Retreat (even though I started writing this 5months ago!)

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Along your spiritual journey certain themes play out within almost all wisdom traditions. Acceptance, detachment, surrender, faith, trust, allowing… these are some of the big ones for me. 

Hearing these words, repeating them to myself … actually creates calm. The guidance of gurus, saints and sages often comes down to… simplicity. 

Keep it simple. 

Trust and let go. 

Attachment is the root of all suffering. 

We’ve heard these things. We get it. Yet… how?  How do we really put the “simple” into practice when the world, especially American society, seems to put importance on the difficult. 

Work hard! Do more! Achieve! More money! — I call BS! 

As in, — this is a faulty Belief System. 

* I wrote the above back on June 7th and stopped there wondering which direction to keep going. As I’m here, today, in California, deeply immersed in the week of seducing my Spirit, I mean really deep! Listening to Deepak Chopra every day and other sages like John Kabat Zinn, Roger Gabriel and more… all else fades away. You truly remember who you are. That’s meditation. That’s being in Satsang… a gathering of like-minded people for Spiritual purpose. It’s the most divine, healing space I could be in at the moment.  

Thoughts of dating disappear, worries of work fade away, concerns of what’s happening with my kids let go. There’s only space for being, Awareness, consciousness and love when you dive this deep. 

I’ll post this today to keep connected with you all. I’m spending the day in silence with 300 others on the path.

 I’m deeply inward every day. 

My desire to write has even taken a backseat to the pursuit of Self. 

I’ll catch up and share my entire journey when I’m back home and as I allow it to unfold. I’ll keep up the dating Chronicles by sharing the past, as this trip has reminded me who I am and what I want. 

A deeply Spiritual life filled with love…. and simplicity. Not the drama of online dating… not right now. You know I’ll keep you posted though. 

Today, I invite you to sit in meditation. Even just for 5 min. Sit comfortably, follow your breath like waves of the ocean. When thoughts come in, let them float on by. Keep it that simple. It is that simple and I know… not easy. 

That’s why it’s called a practice. We do it every day with no finish line or achievements in sight. It’s simply a love-affair with yourSelf and we all deserve to know that love. 

Imagine if all our readers took a moment to connect to their hearts, then each other… that’s a ripple effect I shall keep creating. 

Love, peace and simplicity to you today dear one. 

Copyright 2017, Artemis On Fire 

At The Chopra Center for Wellbeing

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