Get On That Plane and FLY! 

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When’s the last time you’ve been on a plane? Road trip? Backpacking? Outside???

A sure-fire way to find your inner magick is to get out of your normal surroundings. Even if it’s as simple as driving a different way to work. Seriously. It’s called a pattern-interrupt. Something you often hear in association with a meditation practice. 

The same as how meditation acts as a pattern-interrupt from your constant onslaught of thought… changing your way of doing things is a brilliant way to break the monotony of routine, habit, old belief systems and more. 

When we truly desire any type of real, lasting change in our lives, even simply the way we think about things or talk to ourselves, it’s absolutely essential to break old patterns. To rewire our brains. We’ve all heard how life-changing, positive self-talk is, yet we often continue to beat ourselves up with negative internal dialogue. 

We know how much we want to lose weight, yet we still eat those bad foods or don’t exercise. We may really want the relationship of our dreams, however unless we are out there dating to get experience, when the “one” shows up we may still not know what we really want or don’t want, or even what to do, think, say, how to act or behave etc… 

Life requires practice. If there’s anything at all we want to bring into our lives… we must create the capacity to receive it. 

Such as… 

  • want a new car? — make room in the garage 
  • New clothes? — donate your old ones
  • a roommate to help with bills?– make room!
  • healthy food to eat?– decide to meal prep 
  • fitter body?– go for a walk, join that gym 
  • to feel less anxious?– meditate for just 5min, right now
  • want to see the world, get the job of your dreams, become financially independent?– create a vision board

These are simple things and if you’re unsure how to start then google some of the things I’ve mentioned because honestly, reading yet another blog will not create the change… but you can! Take a step, lean in the direction of your dreams. It’s time. 

Check out this website and find 16 seconds to bliss for a stress-relieving breathing technique or listen to some of the guided meditations. 

Ready to get more organized? Look into this life changing method and clear up your clutter and your life

Keep following my blog to work together on ways we can shift perspective, find our inner magick and make lasting changes to create a life you love. 

For me, traveling has expanded my consciousness, my circle of sacred friends across the globe, changed my outlook on how I see the world and all the magnificent people in it, and created lifelong precious, priceless memories. 

More than anything, traveling has created a lasting sense of empowerment. There’s nothing quite like grabbing your passport, entering an unfamiliar city, navigating unknown territory and staying open to possibilities… seriously life changing. 

Not ready to actually travel? What about getting a passport anyway? Think about it. 

A week from today I’m back on a plane. I will be going to a familiar place, Carlsbad California, however I’ve added 4 extra days, to my total of 11, that are absolutely unplanned. I am seeking adventure! It may be just an Uber and a great restaurant away! You never know… and the real magick lies in uncertainty. So get out there!

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