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In a world that seems to be always shouting, I long to hear you whisper. To feel the softness of your chest, wherein lies the rhythm of what I love. The rise and fall of the ocean I swim. How that steady beat brought me back to life. My fingertips feel you still, hands tingling with the sensation only ever felt for you. My lips warm and melt with the awareness of you… out there, somewhere in the world, so far from home. I remain swimming in the ocean of our love, however slowly, drifting far from that safe shore. Adrift in the moonlight, I let the currents of acceptance carry me away.

Art by Justin Walters, a meditation student of mine that created this years ago inspired by a guided meditation lead by myself. Today I see it with new eyes, reflecting my current moods… adrift in the moonlight, the sound of cello and ocean waves carrying me away. When beautiful art calls to become poetic words from the heart.

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