Murder By Death, Colorado and The Stanley Hotel — yes! THE infamous hotel Stephen King writes about in The Shining

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Find your inner magick. Do more things like this! Read on about life, music and unashamedly being yourself.

I could hardly imagine a better way to spend celebrating my birthday than seeing my favorite band, Murder By Death, spending 4 days in Colorado at Estes Park, hanging with my best friend AND spending one of those nights in a known Spirit-sighting room at the notorious Stanley Hotel. Definitely my kind of trip!! The band encourages everyone to dress formally and they recreate the eerie photo, just like Jack Nicholson was peering creepily back at you….

Internet image of the photo seen in The Shining
Super excited to be in this sea of concert-goers with Adam Turla and the rest of Murder By Death!! How cool is this!?
Writing about finding your inner magick often entails reminding us all to go out and be a part of what we love the most. Three of my favorite things are live music, being outdoors and spending time with my best friend, Christy. In these 4 days I get to hear some of my favorite music on one night, January 12th, pack my hiking boots and my heels, meet some of the coolest music lovers ever… I mean, look at all those beards! ๐Ÿ˜ 

Truth is, I purchased tickets for their show last year and proceeded to wait too long to get a flight. By the time I got to it, flights were out of my price-range and available days. Believe me I would have paid a lot to go had it been feasible. Life does not wait for the timid and meek… ok maybe it does, who am I to judge. I do know if you really want something, go for it without hesitation. That’s often when the magick happens. –sometimes it backfires but thats when you can write heartache poetry ๐Ÿ˜‰–  Seriously though, when we snooze we may really lose and I lost my chance last year.

This time I went about it with determination and pure excitement. I need to get out of this town… and … As we know from my upcoming book… I tend to find fun when I travel ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, this time I did it right.  I received an alert when tickets went on sale, bought them right away before they sold out, booked my hotel stay for The Stanley, then went right to purchasing plane tickets for myself and my bestie. — After all that… then I called her! With adrenaline pumping through my veins and hope in my heart I said, “Can you get off of work in January because we are going to Colorado!!!?”

This is when you know you have the right people in your life because she immediately said… Heck yea! 

Another great reminder, keep the right people in your circle. It’s sacred.

How can I say Murder By Death is my favorite band? How can I not? The lyrics move me in ways I cant describe, the cello sings to my soul, Adam Turla has a voice that I love beyond, beyond. Their music is varied, deep, sometimes dark, often just fun. It’s also meaningful and has a song for every mood, thought or adventure. Let me say again about the lyrics, to you my beloved blog readers… the lyrics are from hearts that have something to say to the world and they are super worthy of hearing. Yep, the lyrics indeed are sweet poetry to me. I’m sure they’re not for everyone. Guess what? Neither am I! MBD is as unique as I want my life to be. I’m not partial to the well-known, the labels or position and possession. Those things dont motivate me, nor do they impress me. I want to know the marrow of life. 

What makes you tick? What turns you on? Go be that. Go do more of that.

 Murder By Death embodies that in their music. 

Of course I wish them continued success and for them to grow as much as they want. My point is, I relate to them more than any pop-song or huge band could ever achieve. They’re raw, real and outstanding. I want more of that in my life.

Don’t be for everyone.

I said this to a friend of mine at dinner a few years ago. Maybe it was realization over farm-to-table food, the philosophical discourse or perhaps simply the wine and my understandings combining deliciously in my mind. I paused as I reflected about part of our conversation, where I was in life and I looked at my dinner companion and said, more to myself than her, “You know, I’m not for everybody.” She chuckled and said, “No, you’re certainly not, you’re much more than that.” 

Yep, I’m an acquired taste and I embrace that uniqueness as I encourage others to do the same.
Nope, I am not for everyone, nor do I desire to be. What’s not for me will pass by me and I say, “Don’t let the door hit you on the ass as you exit!” 

 Ive got dreams to live, this one life to do it in –this go-round ๐Ÿ˜‰ — and I want to have fun, fall in love again and again like a burning ring of fire until I find someone that wants to dance in the flames with me. I travel, I read, I explore the inner journey as much as the outer life.

 I unashamedly show up. 

Want to love the life you live? Show up for it! Participate, dream and then take action.

You never know when you might receive the message above and it’s directly from the Universe saying, “Thank you, your order has been received!” 

Place the orders you dream of, set those goals and then relax into life and trust the Universe is always sorting out the details for you.

Life is not easy, its not pretty, its not perfect and it often slaps you hard in the face, and for those of us seeking our inner-magick…. we keep taking two steps forward and only one step back. Maybe I’ll do a little cha-cha when I see MBD live and I’ll swing those hips away, reminding myself of the beautiful dance life truly is. 

I hope you reach that point in life, as much as I needed to remind myself today. Don’t be for everyone. How awful that would be! By default, if we were for everyone then there would be no way we were being ourselves. No matter how unique, colorful, eccentric or out-there that is…. PLEASE… BE YOU! 

Here is MBD, with Foxglove, one of my favorite tunes. Here they are, simply being themselves with a guitar, a cello, great words and a whole lot of magick!

True, life can often be a very Big Dark Love…. keep living wholeheartedly and believing in yourself.

I’ll end by encouraging you to go place your order with the Universe.  Get out there! Journal, travel, dream, get outside. Maybe its not in your current life to do all that or spend a lot of money. Life is not about that either. I’m happiest when I’m simply hiking in the woods. Now its only myself and my dog, yet I have faith one day the right man will be walking those trails with me… hear me Universe? Another order in please…

Until that time I will keep on walking, listening to awesome tunes, showing up for myself and believing in me. I’ll still go out and lay in the grass on a hill somewhere and watch the clouds roll by, being in the moment, authentic, showing up for life and unashamedly living for me and writing for you.

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