Seduction of Spirit

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No seductive poetry this time. It is however, the Chopra Centers signature event retreat and in three weeks I’m taking you along for the ride!! 

After attending maybe 13-15 Chopra events, three being their certifications for Primordial Sound Meditation, Perfect Health Ayurveda and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, taking over two years off to focus on kids, work and BE-ing, I’m headed back to Carlsbad. Yes, I am a Chopra Certified Instructor in all of these healing, mind/body science modalities. Now it’s time to receive my CE credit by attending an event and it’s time to simply relax and enjoy. 

The main entrance to La Costa and walk to Chopra Center
2012 High-fives from my teacher, guide and friend, Davidji at my Perfect Health certification graduation.

Currently my certifications help me in being a more conscious parent, friend and have greatly improved my state of mind and my leadership skills within my company. Occasionally I do facilitate meditation workshops, Women’s groups and Ayurvedic courses. In the future the possibilities are endless in utilizing this ancient Vedic wisdom as a Life-Coach and more. 

There will also be an upcoming series of blogs about Ayurveda and understanding our Doshas, our essential mind/body constitution, and how knowing how we are made helps us better navigate life, relationships and our health. 

Now, I’m writing, planning, prepping for meetings at work, brainstorming how to recruit new employees and… counting down the days till I get on that plane to California. Three weeks, three days! 

Ten days at La Costa Resort & Spa! No testing, no training, no exams, no classes and no study. I’m back in the world of being an event attendee only. Which means… ahhh, zen! Mornings of sunrise meditations, daily yoga classes (as a student only! Woot woot!), and amazing immersion in hearing Deepak talk for 6 days about consciousness, life, universal synchronicity, and whatever other beautiful trails of deep thought he embarks on. Dining on delicious Ayurvedic meals, visiting my favorite place – Yogananda’s meditation gardens and hermitage at the Self Realization center- and seeing some longtime friends I’ve made from my years of connection there. Maybe even catch a sunset or two with my feet in the sand and heart open wide to mama-Pacific. 

A beach somewhere near Encinitas 2012
Yogananda’s meditation gardens 2015

All the while blogging and posting pics of it all… or most 😊 A little over three weeks and I’ll take you to California with me and give you an insiders look at The Chopra Center for Wellbeing! 

For now I’ll encourage you to get your planner out, set some goals, dream big and lean in the direction of your dreams! 

What is it that you really, really want? 

Write it down. Get as creative, juicy, descriptive and specific as you can. Make a vision board, journal, look into what it takes.. cost, travel, time, education, etc… and start making it happen! 

We’ve got this one life! Let’s make it magical! 

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