Are you a writer or a storyteller? The shift in perspective might help unblock your creative flow. Here are 6 ways that help me JUST WRITE! 


Allow yourself freedom within your written word. 

I held myself up for years worrying if my writing would be perfect, if people would like it, why I wanted to write, what I wanted to write and more blocks than I can even think of now. 

I had a great talk with a spiritual guide and friend, Davidji, one day about my dharma. My true purpose. We talked about my business, my frustrations, my reliance on it, etc. We also talked about my passions. I’ve known him for a decade now so in the world of spiritual gurus, he knows me well. 

I spoke to him about hesitations surrounding writing and now I see them as excuses. Is my writing worthy? Is my grammar up to par? Who would publish? Do I have time for that? What about my other responsibilities? Do I have the determination and motivation? Maybe I’m too tired to do anything more. 

Blah, blah, get over yourself blah! 

Don’t you get tired of hearing your own BS sometimes? 

That’s usually when I get over myself and take action. 

I was with Davidji in Tulum at the time, on an amazing retreat. My time to get out of my head and into life. Time to regroup. It was also time to contemplate what I really wanted to do with life. I find myself there often and that’s ok. Life changes. So do my desires. 

Later that same day, I was sitting on the beach, feet in the sand, eyes on the ocean, heart open wide and my mind still doubting. Then I saw him walking towards me. I could sense a message coming. I could see the determination mixed with excitement in his step. 

He walked up, kneeled down, got in my face and said, strongly but with love… “Maybe you’re not a writer, but you are a storyteller. I hear it in you and you’ve got a lot of great stories, start writing them down.”

Here’s a few ways I remind myself to just write! 

  1. Write without judgement– you are unique and so are your words. Let them pour. Just write! 
  2. Don’t stress over punctuation– it’ll get there and if you’re excited about writing, just write! 
  3. Save as draft– omg we could use this in all aspects of life. Literally and metaphorically lol. Pause, breathe and save it. If perfection gives you anxiety then save it, go back to it and edit later but don’t stop your flow. Just write! 
  4. Publish now!- who cares? If leaping without a net is your style then throw caution to the wind and throw your words out into cyberspace. That actually helps me overcome my fears. By diving in and just throwing it out there. The way I see it, those that judge me on commas, etc are not really my tribe… or, they’re there to help. I accept the help. I’ll just write! 
  5. Carry your writing device of choice around with you. All of DaVincis notebooks are in a museum for Christ sake. Write! Have a Notebook with you at all times. Speak into voice memo, stick post-it’s everywhere. Pull over in your car and write! Most of my blogs are written in the CVS parking lot after dropping my kids off at school lol. Saves me from moving onto shopping, cleaning, working and risking my words getting lost. Just write! 
  6. Remember, there’s nothing new out there. Yet all snowflakes are different yes? You are your unique expression of however your words combine, however they may have been said before, if they’re coming from you now, they’re meant to flow. Just write! 

You may be a grammar nazi and that’s ok. I’m a storyteller and the story often flows faster than logic. I’ll keep that kind of magic in my writing. Judge me by my story, fine. 

Judge me by my grammar and you’re missing the point. 
I’m leaping. An editor will appear 😉

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