The Language of Butterflies 

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Momentarily lost in space & time as I watched what I assumed to be two butterflies warming their wings in an early morning patch of sun… until I noticed it was more than that. 

They were carrying on a conversation with wing flaps, flutters and vibrations. Back & forth they silently chatted for about 15 minutes that became my morning meditation. The delicate movement mesmerizing, enticing and on some level I sensed their connection. 

Maybe it was simply a plan against the yellow jackets invading their fruit feeder, maybe it was about the cold air or warm sun. Perhaps the reason I sensed it at all was because it was the universal language. Yes, it felt like love. 🌸🍃🍂💖 🦋

I savored the moment without my phone and when I came back they were gone, yet one was on my doorstep as I left for work 🦋💙 butterfly signs 💙

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